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ean ISD


We are introducing the 咖啡系列, events and opportunities to connect with ean ISD in formal and informal ways. See behind-the-scenes daily life in the district via our social media and video vignettes; join district staff in conversations at campuses by attending 工作人员/父 Conversations (formerly State of the District presentations); engage in respectful dialogue as we bring 董事会 Meeting topics out of the formal structure and discuss in a Town Hall setting. Help connect our community and join in on the conversation!

Cafe Series: Conversations 关于 Furthering Excellence


Topical Town Hall

董事会 meeting topics are explored in open forums specific to local and national interests. 从安全 & security to budgets or library books, the public can interact with school district experts to hear positions, ask questions and better grasp the gravity of topics that transcend the classroom.  


工作人员 & 父 Conversations

Previously known as State-of-the-District monologues, these interactions with parents and staff are based more on conversation than presentation. Key points are outlined in discussions that lend themselves more to questions and answers than slides and graphs.  


社交媒体 Vignettes

Concise videos and social media content allow the people and positive narratives of the school district to come alive in regular highlights of excellence and effort among staff, students and community members. 照片, 奖状, accomplishments and challenges give glimpses into the daily life of the school district.  

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遵循博士. 阿奈特

Conversational Dinners

Small-group dinner dialogues with invited couples and individuals represent various viewpoints and affiliations to create relationships of understanding. Moderated conversations and storytelling allow parents and residents to empathize with perspectives different than their own. These are invitation-only events. Please complete this form if interested in being considered for an invitation to one of the planned dinners.